Red Chile VS Green Chile – What’s It all about in New Mexico

The chile industry in New Mexico is one of the biggest in the world. There’s not a lot of produce that can grow well in desert conditions, but chiles are one of those plants that flourishes in the dry and hot weather. Chile season is generally each year from about July to October. The biggest part of the season is in mid-August and September. There’s a long-standing battle between red chile and green chile though, and outsiders just don’t get what it’s about.

What Is Red Chile, And Why Is It Good?

Red chile is a chile pepper that is fully ripened. They produce a mildly spicy flavor that works well for red sauces and salsas. Enchilada sauce is often made from red chile. Salsas may add a little red chile. These are also dehydrated and turned into red-chile flakes or dried bunches. Those who prefer a more robust and spicy flavor will go for the red chile.

What Is Green Chile, And Why Is It Good?






Green chile is often the major winner each season. It’s the less ripened version of red chile. Green chile is typically roasted to produce a deep and smoky flavor with slight spiciness. It is typically a very mild pepper. Green chile is so well loved because it goes great in pretty much any meal you could possibly