About the Chef

Peter Walsh, Executive Chef

Chef Walsh
Peter was born and raised in Dublin, the youngest of nine children. He spent his childhood in his mother’s kitchen and learned from her a love of the kitchen and cooking. She was an adventurous and fearless cook, and Peter remembers fondly watching her bone a whole chicken and stuff it with wonderful Irish sausage. She made aspics and breads and exotic desserts, and taught Peter as he grew.

After emigrating from Ireland in the 1980s, Peter lived for years in Los Angeles, working in various restaurants before settling in Santa Fe in the mid 90s.

Peter’s first and only job since he moved to Santa Fe has been with the Zia Diner. He has been a front-of-house manager, he has run the catering side of the Zia, Angel Food Catering, and he has been Executive Chef for the past couple of years.

Peter is married to his high school sweetheart, Christine, and has 4 wonderful children.