Beer – It’s Been Around a Very Long Time, Including at the Zia Diner

The oldest drink in the world with alcohol in it is beer.  Besides water and tea, it is number 3 when it comes to drink recognition on the planet.  Although it will never be proven, it is has been hypothesized that it is by far the oldest drink that is fermented during the planets history.  At many archeological digs remnants of fermenting pots have been discovered that give merit to beer being the oldest alcoholic drink on earth. Beer is made when grains are soaked causing them to change the structure of the starch which generates sugar which in turn ferments creating alcohol. The enzymes and starch are gotten from malted grains like cereal grains such as barley and wheat.  Around the world grains like maize and rice are used to reduce the cost of producing beer.  For the most part beer around the planet gets it flavor from brew masters including hops which makes the drink bitter and helps preserve it as well. In some cases been is flavored with herbs, fruit and even coffee.

Beer is normally distilled down to 4% to 6% alcohol content by volume. For non-alcoholic beer it might be as low as 0.5% and sometimes as high as 35-40% alcohol by volume, depending on the brewery making the beer.

Beer is extremely popular in the United States. There are hundreds upon hundreds of micro-breweries around the country and most communities have bars featuring micro-brews and they hold beer festivals that more often than not are very well attended.