Breakfast Santa Fe – Zia Diner Has It, Serves It, and It Opens at 7 a.m. —The Menu Includes Breakfast Classic ‘Eggs Benedict’ and ‘Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

For people in the USA the classic breakfast meal, Eggs Benedict, is very close to being a standard menu item for restaurants that serve breakfast. Eggs Benedict are done by toasting a whole English muffin then adding layers of toppings that include ham or bacon then adding poached eggs. Hollandaise sauce is poured on top for the final ingredient.

Eggs Benedict, like the famous mixed drink the Margarita, origination legends abound. One tale that goes back to the 1967 tells of an account where the dish, per an account written in a letter to The New York Times Magazine writer Craig Claiborne, from American Edward P. Montgomery, was concocted by Commodore E.C. Benedict. Legend has it  as written in the description of how Eggs Benedict came to be that Commodore Benedict got the recipe from his mom who it was given to by his Uncle.

Another description tells of Lemuel Benedict, a retired Wall Street stock broker, had a rough night the night before that included a lot of drinking. In an attempt to cure his crushing hangover he went into the Waldorf Hotel and ordered a meal that included bacon, poached eggs, toast with butter and a side of hollandaise sauce. According to Eggs Benedict inventor legend Oscar Tshirky, the hotel maitre d’hotel, liked the dish so much that he had it added to both the menu at the legendary Walforf Hotel.

As legends go, who invented the classic breakfast dish Eggs Benedict will most likely never be known, but when in Santa Fe, NM, we recommend you try the Zia Diner’s Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict or the Zia Diner Eggs Benedict..