Breakfast Santa Fe – Breakfast Burrito at the Zia Diner — Eggs, Potatoes, Asadero Cheese with Pinto Beans. Red or Green? A very good question

Traditionally American breakfasts have been about sweet meals such as pancakes or waffles with maple syrup, donuts with  chocolate frosting or sweet sugary danishes. Other items on the American breakfast table include eggs, bacon, sausage and ham. In American culture, unlike other cultures when it comes to cooking, there’s no focus on meals that can be eaten at all three meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner. But as it turns out there is one dish from Old Mexico that can be and is part of the menu at all three meals in both countries and that is the ever popular burrito.

Burritos are ok for any meal of the day including breakfast, lunch or dinner. To make a burrito a large flour tortilla is used to hold ingredients like beans, rice, chicken, ground beef, pork or steak along with other ingredients like sour cream, graded cheese such as cheddar. The ingredients are layered onto the tortilla and then the tortilla is rolled to form the burrito. Mexican immigrants brought their food dish recipes with them when they came to America and then they adapted some of those dishes, food assimilation as it were, with local ingredients that some say included the development of the breakfast burrito.

A breakfast burrito is different than a regular burrito because it is made with breakfast food items like eggs, bacon, sausage or pork, plus other ingredients like cheeses, onions, green chile sauce, red chile sauce, mole sauce and sometimes salsa. Depending on where the burrito is being made will quite often determine what is put in the local breakfast burrito. Breakfast Burritos in New Mexico usually include red or green chile, while breakfast burritos in California might just have eggs, beans and cheese.

Healthy diners these days are offered breakfast burritos with egg whites, tomatoes, green and red bell peppers or spinach. Many will opt out of including breakfast meats in their breakfast burrito to reduce the fat and cholesterol count of their meal.

The ZIA DINER Breakfast Burrito – Check it out! Eggs, potatoes and asadero cheese. Rolled in a flour tortilla and smothered in red or green chile. Served with pinto beans 8.95 w/bacon, ham or sausage 10.95