Breakfast Santa Fe – Corned Beef Hash at the Zia Diner is a Classic

Zia Diner’s Corned Beef Hash
and Eggs – This is what you get:  
house-cured, New Mexico all natural grass-fed beef sautéed with onions and
potatoes. This meal is served with two eggs any style. We’re the place to come
to for a great Santa Fe breakfast and our corned beef hash and eggs makes the
Zia Diner a must stop and eat classic as far we’re concerned.

Corned beef has been around since ancient times when people
were preserving meat by salt-curing it.
When you hear the word CORN it comes from the description in olden times
for small particles or grains of salt used to cure the beef.

The real manufacturing or making of ‘corned beef’ began
during the English industrial revolution. Corned beef from the Irish was sold,
eaten and trade from the 1700’s to the middle of the 1900’s for common folk ,
the British navy and armies in America. The nature of corned beef not going bad
made it a staple of virtually everyone. Corned beef was broken up from the poor
cuts of beef being used for trading with the French, with the better cuts of
beef being used for the eating for Englander’s or for shipping to the colonies
in America.