Breakfast Santa Fe – Huevos Rancheros at the Zia Diner

Zia Diner Huevos Rancheros –
Two eggs any style on blue corn tortillas with green or red chile and asadero cheese.
We serve it with hash browns and pinto beans. This dish is a breakfast classic
in Santa Fe and anywhere else you may go throughout the western U.S.A..

Rancher’s eggs or in Spanish, huevos rancheros (pronounced
in Spanish ‘Way Vose Ranch Err Ohs’) is an extremely well liked breakfast menu
staple in the Southwest and pretty much anywhere in the United States. This
meal consists of eggs served in any style in the classic large breakfast
mid-a.m. dish on out-in-the country Mexican farm land.

The standard meal is made up of fried eggs over fried corn
tortillas with different green or red chile sauce served on top. Many times
restaurants include refried beans or pinto beans, sliced up avocado, tomatoes,
and fried potatoes or hash browns. Certain establishments will make sour cream,
cheese and other vegetable garnishment part of the standard garnishment of the