Chicken Wings – The History of a Great Dish

Chicken Wings – A Culinary Delight at the Zia Diner

There are conflicting opinions about who first came up with the idea for the chicken wing, but most experts agree that it was originally developed at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. The inventor of the buffalo chicken wing was the owner of the bar, Teressa Bellissimo.

Her son and his friends were hungry for a late-night snack, and she did not have a lot of options. One thing she did have was an excess of chicken wings. She fried the chicken wings up, coated them in a buttery chili sauce and served them up to the boys with ranch dressing. They gobbled them up, and Bellissimo decided that they should be added to her menu.

The part of a chicken that was once an afterthought now became a star attraction. The chicken wing quickly spread out on menus all over upstate New York. Before long, it was showing up all over the country.

Now, chicken wings are a very popular item in restaurants everywhere. They are especially popular at sports bars, and they are a very popular appetizer to be served to people drinking beer. They are now available in all kinds of flavors, including many mild varieties that appeal to people who do not care for spicy foods.

Zia Diner serves spicy chicken wings as part of its Happy Hour menu. In honor of the person or persons who invented the chicken wing as a culinary delight the Zia Diner salutes with utmost gratitude.