Classic Chicken Marsala – One Terrific Dish Offered by the Zia Diner

Classic chicken marsala is a wonderful meal that is great for the family and the taste buds. You do not `have to be a top chef in order to prepare, cook and serve this meal. If you’re just starting to explore your culinary side, this dish is a terrific start. This delectable dish is easy to prepare and doesn’t take that long to cook and serve. An entree so delicious that the description alone causes your mouth to water. The classic chicken marsala has a light crispy coating that is glazed with Marsala wine and added mushrooms for deliciously. It’s surprisingly easy and perfect for a simple home dinner or for an elegant company dinner. The best part is when you’re done eating it, you don’t feel guilty because it’s not an unhealthy meal. The bad part is that you want more when you’re finished. While you’re eating, you get many different and bold flavors that take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride of excitement. You can taste the tenderness and flakiness of the chicken. With those delicate flavors, you also taste the sweetness and boldness of the sauce that is gently applied.

Zia Diner, a Santa Fe restaurant, serves up chicken marsala on its menu.