Comfort Food – Feel Great After a Good Wholesome Meal

When most people think of comfort food thoughts of meatloaf and mashed potatoes loaded with butter or macaroni and cheese come to mind. But comfort food does not have to be unhealthy to give that same sense of yummy goodness. With just a couple changes, even meatloaf and its side dishes will leave you feeling great.

Give your old go-to recipes that are fattening and calorie ridden a fresh makeover. By modifying certain dishes and keeping to their hearty, comfort food appeal you will have created a new wholesome meal that everyone will enjoy. For example, meatloaf is usually made from the trio of beef, veal and pork. If you use a lean ground beef mixed with ground turkey breast, the entire flavor is still there but the fat content is reduced dramatically.

Macaroni and cheese doesn’t need to be a forbidden food, just exchange regular elbow noodles for whole grain elbows, use margarine instead of butter and get rid of the higher fat whole cheeses and use the reduced fat versions. Unlike fat-free cheese, the reduced fat options still have all the flavor without the unwanted calories. Also, use low-fat milk when making the sauce.

About Zia Diner:

The Zia Diner is a true Santa Fe icon, now celebrating 25 years as a part of this community. Serving upscale, down home comfort food, the Zia Diner serves updated renditions of diner classics – think Green Chile-Pinon Meatloaf – along with an eclectic menu of southwestern and international comfort food. This high-energy restaurant and bar prides itself on its professional and friendly service and exceptional food. The Zia uses grass-fed, additive-free beef, free-range and additive-free chicken and eggs, and local, organic, fair-trade Agapao Coffee. Their bread is delivered daily from Fano Bakery in Albuquerque. All pies, cakes, cookies and pastries are baked from scratch in their kitchen.

Contact: Beth Koch
(505) 988-7008