Corn, Green Chile and Asiago Pie

My Dad’s job took him all over the country and often he took me with him in the summertime. I learned at an early age that one of the benefits of traveling was that you get to eat out more often than most people.

Dad knew where all the best eating establishments were. He had a taste for steak, seafood, pasta and rice dishes, or more precisely, international cuisine. But there were times he wanted a taste of the South where we’re from.

He took me to a place that served the “best southern fried chicken in the west.” But when I looked at the menu, I was drawn to the more exotic dishes. My attention rested on one that looked especially appetizing.

I had to try the “Corn, Green Chili and Asiago Pie.” I’m a sucker for cheese, greens and corn. The pie is served up hot, with organic field greens.

I remember wanting to lick the platter when it was all gone. If I’m ever out on the West Coast again, I intend to look up that place and do it again. If I can’t find a reason to go there, I’ll make that dish my reason.


About Zia Diner:

The Zia Diner is a true Santa Fe icon, now celebrating 25 years as a part of this community. Serving upscale, down home comfort food, the Zia Diner serves updated renditions of diner classics – think Green Chile-Pinon Meatloaf – along with an eclectic menu of southwestern and international comfort food. This high-energy restaurant and bar prides itself on its professional and friendly service and exceptional food. The Zia uses grass-fed, additive-free beef, free-range and additive-free chicken and eggs, and local, organic, fair-trade Agapao Coffee. Their bread is delivered daily from Fano Bakery in Albuquerque. All pies, cakes, cookies and pastries are baked from scratch in their kitchen.

Contact: Beth Koch
(505) 988-7008