Dessert Restaurant Santa Fe — Zia Diner Delivers the Classic Red Velvet Cake

As a dessert and a culinary delight, red velvet cake has been part of the sweet tooth menu at home and in restaurants forever.

The cake is part of the most holiday table dessert options across the United States, but it is really a standard offering at most tables in the south when families get together in November for Thanksgiving and in December for Christmas.

Red velvet cake is chocolaty sweet, normally very smooth and usually gives off an air of dessert decadence because it’s so darn good. Times together like parties, office get-togethers and family reunions are all perfect for serving this amazing dessert. It’s a very good dessert, but really the attraction starts when dessert fans see its blazing red color. The color of this red velvet cake makes it stand out more than most other desserts.

The color of red velvet cake is created by using red food coloring in the recipe. Normally cream cheese frosting is used to frost red velvet cake. A red velvet cake with white frosting makes it really pop visually, adding another reason dessert lovers are drawn to this cake.

Zia Diner serves red velvet cake in its dessert menu line-up, much to the delight of the chef, kitchen staff and servers because it’s an easy sell and everyone at the restaurant sees customers enjoy it.  Making a tasty dessert that sells well that customers really enjoy is always satisfying when you’re in the restaurant business.