Event Calendar Santa Fe Oct. 31 – Halloween at The Lensic Featuring ‘Phantom of the Opera’ with Alloy Orchestra

The Lensic, Santa Fe’s Performing Art Center, is serving up the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ Featuring Alloy Orchestra from 7 to 9 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012. The Lensic is located at 211 W. San Francisco St., Santa Fe, NM.  This is falls into the category of things to do in Santa Fe or and really event calendar Santa Fe awesome.

Here’s a synopis of the Alloy Orchestra and the evening featured below:

Spend Halloween watching a newly restored print of the 1925 horror classic — with original music performed live by the acclaimed Alloy Orchestra


In a perfect pairing for Halloween night, The Lensic Performing Arts Center is proud to present a restored print of The Phantom of the Opera—the 1925 classic starring Lon Chaney Sr.—accompanied by a score written and performed live by Alloy Orchestra.

Called “the best in the world at accompanying silent films” by critic Roger Ebert, the Boston-based Alloy Orchestra is a three-man ensemble that writes and performs soundtracks for classic silent movies. Alloy thrashes and grinds out soulful music using instruments that include an unusual assemblage of peculiar objects—hubcaps, truck springs, and other scrap metal—plus state-of-the-art electronic gear. Performing at prestigious film festivals and performing arts centers in the US and abroad, Alloy has helped revive some of the great masterpieces of the silent era.

The Phanton of the Opera was directed by Rupert Julian and adapted from Gaston Leroux’s novel of the same name. Chaney plays the phantom who haunts the Paris Opera House and lurks in the deep corridors of the cellar. He falls in love with opera understudy Christine Daae (played by Mary Philbin). After he sends a chandelier crashing down on the floors of the opera house, the lead soprano is forced to withdraw from the performance, and Daae steps in. The phantom later lures her to the cellar, where he confesses his love, then kidnaps her when learning she doesn’t share his feelings.

The featured print was restored and hand-tinted by Alloy’s sister company, Box 5, which worked to carefully reproduce the extremely intricate color scheme of the original release, including the famous masquerade ball scene, which represented one of the earliest uses of Technicolor. Combined with Alloy’s new score, this astounding film is as creepy today as it was 75 years ago.

About Alloy
The Cambridge-based Alloy Orchestra began their love affair with silent films with an original score for Metropolis in 1991. In the intervening years, the group has written scores for 28 feature length film presentations, typically premiering their new scores at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado, the San Francisco Silent film Festival or the New York Film Festival. Alloy is: Terry Donahue (junk, accordion, musical saw, vocals); Ken Winokur (director, junk percussion and clarinet), and Roger Miller (keyboards).

Praise for Alloy
“These Boston-based musicians have rejuvenated the art of silent film with thrillingly quirky, percussive scores.”
—Entertainment Weekly

“Alloy has brought fresh air to a world thought left to nostalgics. They’ve done more than anyone lately to bring an audience to silent films. They give voice to the soul of their machines, and by doing that, they’ve given voice to no less than the sound of cinema.”
—Paolo Cherchi Usai, codirector of the Pordenone Silent Film Festival in Pordenone, Italy


Lensic Presents
The Phantom of the Opera featuring Alloy Orchestra
October 31
7 pm

Tickets: $10-$20, available at www.lensic.org, www.TicketsSantaFe.org, 505-988-1234 or at The Lensic, 211 W. San Francisco St.

Press Contact: Dianna Delling, Director of PR & Marketing, at 505-988-7050 ext. 1211 or ddelling@lensic.org.

About The Lensic Performing Arts Center
The nonprofit, historic Lensic Performing Arts Center presents more than 200 events year-round, including theater, music, dance, spoken word, film and lectures. Through Lensic Presents, Education and Community programs, The Lensic is a major partner and supporter of Santa Fe’s nonprofits, artistic organizations and schools. For more information on the many presentations and programs of The Lensic, see www.lensic.org.