Event Calendar Santa Fe Opportunity – ‘The Report of My Death’ Starring Michael Graves as Mark Twain at the Santa Fe Playhouse

Low and behold, the Santa Fe Playhouse is serving up a great play from 8 – 10:45 p.m. Friday, April 19, 2013 with local actor Michael Graves playing Mark Twain. Santa Fe offers great musicians, great food, great museums and great acting at local playhouses from time to time. This time it appears the Santa Fe Playhouse has out done itself with the play “The Report of My Death” about the famous playwright Mark Twain.  Our vote for those interested in our non-political vote regarding activities on the even of April 19, 2013 is that play fans eat with us then go have a great evening enjoying the play. The Santa Fe Playhouse is located at 142 E. Devargas, Santa Fe, NM, just off of the Old Santa Fe Trail.



anta Fe, NM 87501