Event Calendar Santa Fe – Santa Fe Opera Presents the ‘Grand Duchess of Gerolstein’ 8:30 – 11:30 p.m July 19, 2013

Event Calendar Santa Fe – The Santa Fe Opera Serves Up the “Grand Duchess of Gerolstein” July 19, 2013


The world famous Santa Fe Opera is set for a grand season in 2013 by bringing some of the most popular and historic operas to the stage.  One of those operas is the ‘Grand Duchess of Gerolstein’ by Jacques Offenbach’s, and incredibly funny story about a  somewhat youngish vampish aristocrat with a hankering for a cadet attending the local military academy that goes by the name of Fritz.  Several notable opera singers fill the important rolls in the opera including mezzo-soprano Susan Graham,  American tenor Paul Appleby and soprano Anya Matanovič

Event Description

Opera enthusiasts can’t wait to see the ebullient mezzo-soprano Susan Graham in the title role of Jacques Offenbach’s hilarious The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein. Far from being “a lady of a certain age,” this Grand Duchess is a sexy, spoiled aristocrat with an eye for Fritz, a cadet at the local military academy, sung by the dynamic American tenor Paul Appleby. Soprano Anya Matanovič completes the love triangle; Emmanuel Villaume, a noted specialist in French repertory, conducts.

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A three hour long event like the above described opera means attendees will need fuel or sustenance to enjoy it.  The Zia Diner suggest eating with us and then driving the short 10 minute jaunt north of town to enjoy a wonderful evening.


Santa Fe Opera 2013 - The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein