Fiesta de Santa Fe 2012, Sept. 1 – Sept. 9 Historical Santa Fe Celebrates 300 Year Community Celebration

In the  United States the longest community celebration is held each year in Santa Fe,  New Mexico. It is called Fiesta de Santa Fe and it dates back to 1712 when
then-governor of the province Jose Chaco Medina Salazar y Villaseor issued an  order for the very first celebration. Since then it has been celebrated each  year during September. Starting in 1924 famous Santa Fe Artist Will Shuster  added burning and effigy called Zozobra to help the community burn away all the  bad feelings and troubles for everyone in the community. Both Fiesta de Santa  Fe and Will Shuster’s Zozobra™ are celebrated to this day and this year is the  300th anniversary of this Santa Fe, New Mexico community event.

In 1692 the  city’s forefather made a written proclamation for an annual celebration to be  held commemorating and honoring the non-violent resettlement of Santa Fe. The  official event began in 1712 and it has been celebrated every year since then.

These days  the town square known around the world as the Santa Fe Plaza is the location of  the annual celebratory event, Fiesta de Santa Fe. This event is open to the
public and it includes Spanish dancing, food booths, art and craft booths and  parades. There is also a play know as the Fiesta Melodrama and several  ceremonies with historically costumed participants portraying Don Diego De  Vargas, conquistadores from his army and the court of the Queen and Princesses of the Fiesta.