Frito Pie – A Delicious Treat and Why It’s So Good – Part I

Whether you call it Frito pie, Frito bag, a “walking taco,” or even a “taco-in-a-bag,” such a meal tastes delicious no matter what people call it.

What’s Frito Pie?

For the uninformed, a Frito pie is a hearty meal from the Southern half of the United States and is chiefly composed of three simple ingredients:

  • Chili
  • One      or more kinds of cheese
  • Corn      chips (Traditionally Fritos, hence the name)

Due to its simple ingredient list, this savory meal lends itself to a wide swath of creativity and personalization. Chili recipes alone can be quite varied in their ingredients. When you combine a given chili recipe with any of the cheeses that are quite suitable for melting; such as mozzarella, queso blanco, or even Velveeta, and add corn chips to that mixture, the result is a combinatorial explosion loaded with flavor.