Frito Pie – A Delicious Treat and Why It’s So Good – Part II

Beyond the above-mentioned “trinity” of chili, cheese, and chips, you can add an array of other flavors to your particular Frito pie recipe. Common additions include jalapeños, “refried” beans, rice, salsa and even sour cream, all of which are likely reflective of culinary influences within the American Southwest.

Preparation is another direction where you might consider spicing things up. While it’s quite common to pour the chili-cheese mixture on top of a platter or bowl layered with corn chips, another common method of preparation is the far more portable method of “taco-in-a-bag.” Instead of a platter or bowl, one simply opens up a small bag of corn chips, and then pours the chili-cheese goodness into the bag.

Who Came Up With This Delicious Dish?

The origins of this dish are contested and vary according to who you ask.

  • Some      claim that the dish originates back with the Frito-Lay company itself.      Specifically, the claim goes that Daisy Doolin, mother of the company’s      founder, came up with the dish within the same period as the company’s      development of the Frito brand of corn chips back in the year of 1932.
  • Others      claim that the dish was born within the cafeteria of a Woolworth’s during      the 1960s and first prepared by Teresa Hernández.
  • The      first recipe appearance of this dish was published by Nell Morris in the      1950s. Morris had joined Frito-Lay and published an official cookbook.