Happy Hour in Santa Fe Almost 729 Times Per Year (unless The Zia takes off a ‘Happy Hour’ day or night off like it does St. Patrick’s Day) – The Zia Diner has it and its not letting it go!

Happy Hour – It’s a definitely not a misnomer in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the Zia Diner. At last count, and the counting really isn’t too hard to figure out, Zia Diner is holding Happy Hour in Santa Fe almost but not quite 729 times per year and 731 times per year on leap year because Happy Hour is on the schedule almost every single day of the year, factoring in that we’re closed on Christmas day due to the very cool fact that we serve up Happy Hour twice a day every day from 3 to 6 p.m and again from 8:30 to 10 p.m..

That means there are  almost 729 Santa Fe Happy Hour opportunities to order two PBR beers and two appetizers for a whopping $10. Now that, as they say (who is they anyway?) is a bargain.  We know it’s a deal and we are doing everything we can to get people in on the deal, whether they’re from Santa Fe or visiting from out-of-town. It’s easy to say the Zia Diner is serving up Happy Hour twice a day almost every single day of the year. When it comes to Happy Hour in Santa Fe NM the place to come is the Zia Diner.