Hot Tea on Cold Night in Santa Fe – Zia Diner is the Place to Be this Winter to Warm Up

Coffee and Tea- Zia Diner

When it comes to a warm drink like tea or coffee the Zia Diner knows what its doing. With close to 30 years of bringing warm drinks to patrons it is very good at delivering well done drinks to satisfy the soul and warm a person up.

Feature below are the company’s coffee and tea menu:

Agapao Certified Organic Fair-trade 2.55

Espresso 2.75

Cappuccino 3.75

Cafe Latte 4.75

Vanilla Latte 4.95

Cafe Mocha 4.95

Hot Chocolate 4.75

Mexican Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon 4.75

Teas Mint, Green, Lemon Chamomile, Breakfast Blend, Earl Grey 2.50

Oregon Chai with Milk or Rice Milk 4.75