Hotels in Santa Fe

Whether you’re in Santa Fe for business or pleasure, accommodations are essential. However, every visitor to this historic state capital will find something to please and delight them, rendering the necessity of shelter a pleasurable experience. If you’re watching your budget, your best bets will be the Motel 6, the Best Western, America’s Best Value Lamplighter Inn, and even the Courtyard by Marriott. All of these establishments offer accommodations below or around $100 U.S.D.

However, as a city, Santa Fe offers some of the most enchanting spa and resort options in the West. From the Hacienda del Cerizo, with its panoramic vistas of unspoiled and unblemished high desert, to the Inn of the Five Graces, which blends the sumptuous comforts of the Southwest with the unique and intriguing sensibilities of the Orient, luxury runs the gamut. Spa services and gourmet menus are often included in the lists of amenities advertised, taking advantage of the area’s natural springs and rich culinary traditions.

As well, you’ll be able to book a room in an establishment that fits your itinerary, whether you’re just looking for basic, clean shelter or in need of a getaway retreat. Santa Fe offers many establishments at varying distances from the busy workings of the city center. These hotels, which are located in a variety of neighborhoods–each as charming as the last–all have something unique to recommend them.