Meatloaf – An American Comfort Food Delight

Very few foods say “comfort food” as much as meatloaf. Generations of Americans have fond memories of the time-saving and affordable dish, but it actually has roots outside of North America. The first meatloaf-type food was made by the Romans in the fifth century, and versions of it exist in countries throughout the Middle East and Europe. The first time meatloaf appeared in the United States, it was likely made by the Pennsylvania Dutch, who called it “scrapple.”

Since then, countless versions of the favorite have emerged from kitchens across the country. The meat is generally molded into a loaf shape using the hands, and the inside may be stuffed with a variety of treats, such as melted cheese, chopped carrots, sliced mushrooms, smoked ham or boiled eggs. The meat may also be topped with other foods, like hickory-smoked bacon. While the bacon crisps, the juices baste the meat, adding flavor and moisture. Often, the dish is paired with other comfort foods, like mashed potatoes served with melting pads of butter and topped with gravy.

About Zia Diner:

The Zia Diner is a true Santa Fe icon, now celebrating 25 years as a part of this community. Serving upscale, down home comfort food, the Zia Diner serves updated renditions of diner classics – think Green Chile-Pinon Meatloaf – along with an eclectic menu of southwestern and international comfort food. This high-energy restaurant and bar prides itself on its professional and friendly service and exceptional food. The Zia uses grass-fed, additive-free beef, free-range and additive-free chicken and eggs, and local, organic, fair-trade Agapao Coffee. Their bread is delivered daily from Fano Bakery in Albuquerque. All pies, cakes, cookies and pastries are baked from scratch in their kitchen.

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