Nachos Anyone? Zia Diner’s Nachos are AMAZING!

Zia Diner Santa Fe -5 326 S. Guadalupe St Santa Fe NM 505-988-7008 restaurant santa fe - Zia Diner nachos Professional Food Photography on behalf of Zia Diner Restaurant-Santa-Fe-Zia-Diner-Lunch-Dinner-Menu-Dishes-Oct.-2012 NachosNachos are on the menu at tons of Spanish and Latino influenced restaurants. Zia Diner has several New Mexican dishes on its menu and its Nachos are definitely a Latino influenced item.¬†Here’s the breakdown: ¬†Classic Nachos with cheddar, asadero, black beans, jalapenos, salsa fresca, sour cream GF 6.95 Take a gander at some pics of the Zia Diner’s Nachos