Palace of the Governors – A 15 minute walk from the Zia Diner

The Palace of the Governors – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Built in the early part of the 1700’s, the Palace of the Governors is located on the north side of the Santa Fe Plaza in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It was built as Spain’s seat of government in the New World.  The history of the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Southwest is the primary subject matter visitors get to learn about inside of the historic Palace of the Governors.  The building is built out of adobe bricks and is needless to say a place to visit for both locals and visitors to Santa Fe that is very rich in written history and real life history, going back to when the Spanish settled the area, when the Pueblo Indian Revolt occurred and all the other various multitudes of historic moments that are part of this amazing are of the United States.





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