Pecan Baked Ruby Trout with Citrus-Parsley Butter Served with Forbidden Black Rice Salad — A Zia Diner Classic

Trout, like salmon, is one of the favorite fish dishes served at American restaurants. Trout and salmon are found in water ways in virtually every state in the union. Baked trout is easily one of the most tasty fish, especially if it’s moist and done with just the right herbs.

Creating a trout dish that is really memorable starts with the fish. The fish brings flavor to a meal automatically via where it was last seen swimming. In some instances restaurants serve up fresh caught trout and in other instances the trout comes from fish farms that raise fish organically. So, the taste of a trout dish comes partly from the way it grew, fresh water wild or farm- raised organically, and the other part of its taste comes from how the fish is prepared  with herbs, seasoning, spices and also how its cooked.

Trout dishes are prepared and cooked in some many different ways they quite possibly might be endless. But a baked trout may very well be the most classic way to prepare this amazing fish. Trout can baked in baking dish, steam baked in foil among a variety of methods that can be used. A standard baking dish is usually the way most kitchens in American restaurants go with to cook trout.  Prior to baking the fish a restaurant may use only the filet or it may cook the fish with its skin whole including the head of the fish. The way its cooked depends on the preference of the chef or the owner of the restaurant.

At the Zia Diner it serves its classic comfort food dish, the Pecan Baked Ruby Trout with citrus-parsley butter served up with Forbidden Black Rice Salad.