Restaurant Santa Fe – Zia Diner Delivers Their Santa Fe Burger to the Dining Table

In New Mexico folklore there are many, many legends. One of
those legends isn’t a story, but it is a legendary burger known as the green  chile cheeseburger.  A green chile  cheeseburger served up to a discerning fan more often than not will make the  person’s mouth water, their stomach growl and eventually make them very, very  happy once the first bite has been taken.  This all might seem a little bit over the top, but the fact is that a  well made green chile cheeseburger from New Mexico, be it in Santa Fe,  Albuquerque, Las Cruces or the world famous Owls Café in San Antonio, New  Mexico, has been known to literally make people that love them swoon in happiness.

Green chile is grown throughout the State of New Mexico.  The most famous company that sells green chile  in New Mexico is Bueno. They offer both green and red chile. Green chile grows in fields laid out in rows.  Harvest time for green chile is normally late August through October.  Once green chile is harvested both growers and ordinary consumers will roast it or boil it, then peel off the outer skin of the chile, remove the seeds inside then chop it into small 1/8th inch squares.  Chopped green chile is used in dozens upon dozens of food dishes and it is event used in different types of adult beverages like chile infused beer, chile infused margaritas and chile infused tequila drinks.

Zia Diner uses green chile in many of the restaurants dishes including their famous Santa Fe Burger. The Zia Diner Santa Fe Burger is smothered in green chile, and it
includes asadero cheese, tomato, avocado and a fried jalapeno.