Restaurant Santa Fe – Zia Diner Serves Up Chicken Enchiladas

Blazingly good enchiladas are one of many pleasures in life. From a great movie, to cool moment with friends, family or co-workers, life is full of great pleasures. Food is one of the many things in life that comes to mind when pleasures in life are being tabulated. Enchiladas, be they chicken, cheese or beef, are definitely part of many people’s “I really enjoy this or that in life list”.

Enchiladas are easily at the top of lists of dishes that can be made multiple ways. From what you put in them, to what you put on top of them to the type of sauces you use to make them moist and delicious, enchiladas have an incredible amount of latitude when it comes to creative ways to make them. Below is a list of various ways to create an enchilada casserole:

Enchilada Definition:
Enchiladas are a casserole dish that is made by rolling corn tortillas or laying them flat in baking dish then various fillings including meat, cheese, pinto beans, black beans, potatoes, vegetables, seafood, chicken or beef. Fillings are added after the tortillas then sauce is added on top or included in the filling, then each layer is often topped with cheese such as cheddar cheese or Monterrey jack cheese.

In New Mexico the traditional question when ordering enchiladas from the wait-staff is, “Red or Green, or Christmas (both)?” At Zia Diner an enchilada order by a customer is always followed by that question if the customer doesn’t say they want red, green, or both when they order.

The most common types of fillings at New Mexico restaurants serving New Mexican style cuisine are beef, chicken or plain cheese.

Toppings & Garnishment:
Toppings for enchiladas are open to any type of creativity, but this dish is quite often topped with sour cream, different types of cheese or cheeses, black olives, onions, chopped jalapenos for those with a spicier palate, salt and pepper.

Enchiladas are versatile with lots of choices to consider for fillings, sauce, garnishment and toppings. This dish is close to being fail proof because of all the fantastic ingredients available to make the dish. A well done flat tortilla enchilada casserole is truly one of life’s greater pleasures.