Restaurant Santa Fe – Blue Corn Chicken Enchiladas Red or Green, That is the Question

Blue Corn Chicken Enchiladas are incredibly good and deserve the accolades they get in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Quite often, daily really, we ask the age old question Santa Fe restaurants ask, “green or red chile?” when people order our Zia Diner Blue Corn Chicken Enchiladas. More often than not our customers ask “Which one is hotter?” and we tell them it depends. Both our red and green chile is hot. We cannot know for sure how each customer’s personal taste buds will handle our chile, whether it’s green or red. If it’s fresh green chile that a customer picks in Sept. it could be blazing hot because the chile is fresh from the harvets. If it’s red chile that a customer picks it won’t be too hot, but it will still be spicy. All our customer’s can do is decide and then enjoy.