Santa Fe County Holds Grand Opening Celebration for New Park – Burro Lane Park Grand Opening Sept. 20

Burro Lane Park Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony  2 to 5 p.m, Thursday, September 20 • 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

A new park, Burro Lane Park, is opening in Santa Fe County under the Santa Fe County Open Space and Trails Program. A grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony is being held from 2 to 5 p.m., Sept. 20, 2012. Visitors and locals can find the park on
Quail View Land, west of the roundabout traffic configuration at the intersection of Siler Street Bridge and West Alameda.

Santa Fe County was fortunate enough to receive a patent from the Bureau of Land Management consisting of 3 acres of land to build  the park. The park offers parking, a school bus turnaround, a trail loop, a playground and sheltered picnic facilities.

The staff  at the County Open Space organization, the local neighborhood and the  consultant hired for the project, Laboratory of Landscape Architecture  developed a park design that will made sure there’s a natural area for birds to  live and that blends into the natural landscape and habitat. The design  includes the bird habitat, shelters, stopping points to see the bird in their
wildlife setting along the trail.

The design  of the park includes natural habit such as native low water need plants,  grasses, wildflowers and trees. The plan design for the plants incorporates the  local topography and some construction grading that allows for collection of  surface rainwater runoff to make the most of the free water that occurs when it  rains.