Santa Fe Event – Zia Diner Bluegrass Jam 6 to 8 p.m., May 5, 2012

As Santa Fe events go the newly established Zia Diner Bluegrass Jam is one fun time with more jam than the local peanut butter and jelly aisle at the local Santa Fe grocery store. Knowing we’re the new “go to place” for bluegrass fun each week makes us feel almost giddy. We serve up great food and drink every day of the week and now we’re serving up a regular event in Santa Fe. For us its like, what’s not to like.

The stylistic genre of BLUEGRASS MUSIC comes from the folk music of English, Scottish and Irish. It’s been around the United States since the 1880’s. It features instruments like the fiddle, banjo, acoustic guitar, mandolin, Dobro and the upright bass. Bluegrass music is very popular in east, mid-west and the southeast part of the United States, but can really be heard just about anywhere in the United States.

Bluegrass music, like lots of different types of jazz, involves several instruments taking turns jamming out the melody and then working around it all the while the others involve play accompaniment. This music style is different than music from the old days where every instrument in groups playing music played the melody all together.

We invite everyone to come on down and sample some of the excellent music at our Tuesday Bluegrass Jam at the Zia Diner.