Shepherd’s Pie – A Comfort Food Dish with a History Part II

The name Cottage Pie has been said to have generated from the poorer people of those regions living in cottages and making different varieties of this dish regularly to nourish their family. Potatoes were easily obtainable for even the poorest folks, as they have always been a relatively inexpensive staple that was included in most every meal in that time period. Basic recipes for this mouth-watering dish have differed over the many years it has been around. One thing has always remained the same though: this dish is prepared in layers. The meat is always on the bottom and the potatoes are always on the top. Different recipes include a diversity of vegetables between the layers of meat and potatoes, such as corn, green beans, carrots, peas or any other vegetable that was readily available at the time. More modern recipes may include sauce on the meat of choice or cheese on top of the potatoes. The only real guideline was that the recipe always included some form of meat product that was available at the time or in the season of availability and of course, potato. Over the centuries this amazing dish has gained popularity worldwide as a relatively easy to prepare, homemade dish that is both very satisfying for even your hungriest guest and as comforting as a loving mother’s arms.