Southern Fried Chicken – An American Classic – A Zia Diner Menu Regular Fixture….

Southern Fried Chicken – An American Classic


Southern fried chicken is a classic American dish. This dish has long been adored by Americans for decades. Create your own or purchase it at a local area restaurant.

If you are thinking of making your own southern fried chicken, you will need a good quality chicken, lots of oil for frying, herbs of your choice, egg wash and flour. Start by washing the chicken gently. Pat it dry. In the meantime, prepare the oil for frying. Make sure the chicken is cut up into smaller parts for easier frying. You can do this yourself or buy already cut-up chicken parts.

Dip the chicken parts into an egg to which you have added your favorite herbs and then dip them in flour. Make sure the wash has coated all parts of the chicken evenly. Place the chicken parts in the oil. Let cook until the oil has formed a crispy coating on the chicken. Remove the chicken from the boiling oil gently. Allow the chicken to sit on a plate for a few minutes. Pat off any extra oil.

Serve hot. Fried chicken can also be refrigerated and served cold.

Southern Fried Chicken Plate boneless breast, mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetables 12.95 – This is the dish on the Zia Diner menu.  The Zia Diner, Santa Fe’s very own comfort food dining institution restaurant,  invites patrons to come on down and enjoy this dish.