The Ancient and Amazing Culture of the Taos Pueblo

Located in northern New Mexico, Taos Pueblo is the ancient home of the Native American tribe of Pueblo. It has never been without habitation, making it a living North American community dating back to between 1000 and 1450 A.D. It’s also a World Heritage Site.

The red-gold adobe buildings of the Taos Pueblo people are very closely together and stacked as high as six stories. These ancient buildings have floors and terraces, but no doorways and very few windows. People climbed from one room to the next on ladders and then descended through the roof. The buildings are maintained with thick mud plasters.

Approximately 150 people currently live in the Pueblo and an additional 1900 or so live on Taos Pueblo lands in the surrounding area. The Pueblo is like a nest, holding the people together and enabling them to support one another. Today, they can do that by selling traditional wares, such as pottery, jewelry, animal skins and other items.

Explore the Ancient Culture of the Taos Pueblo people. The Pueblo is open to visitors throughout the week from 8am to 4:30pm, unless a tribal ritual is taking place. Guided tours are available beginning at 9am.