The Cobb Salad – An American Salad Classic – And A Zia Diner Menu Item Too!

The Cobb Salad – An American Salad Classic – Zia Diner


Cobb salad is a classic American salad. This hearty salad has long been on American menus everywhere. A classic cobb salad is traditionally presented as a main course rather than an appetizer.

The standard cobb salad consists of chopped greens that are washed carefully and then serve as the base of the salad. Many types of greens are used including watercress, endive, iceberg or romaine. Other salad green may be used as well and still considered an authentic cobb salad. The greens are topped with tomatoes that have been cut in half. Crispy bacon is placed on top of the tomatoes and greens. Roasted or boiled chicken is also placed on the greens. Fried chicken will not be used in an authentic cobb salad. Hard boiled eggs are also used in the salad. They can be halved or crumbled. Peeled and sliced avocadoes are also used in this salad. Additional ingredients include Roquefort cheese, olives and a red wine vinaigrette. White wine may also be used.

These ingredients are combined to form the salad. The result is a salad with many textures and tastes that is both filling and light.

The Zia Diner serves a variety of salads, but it’s all time classic is its cobb salad. See here – Classic Zia Cobb turkey, bacon, blue cheese, egg, tomato, avocado GF side 9.95 entrée 12.95