The Fabulous Chile Relleno – What’s All About Senor?

Chile Relleno is a Mexican dish that can be made a few different ways. If you want something that is authentic, then add some heat to get that spicy flavor of the country. The dish has an origin of Puebla. It is basically a stuffed poblano pepper. The pepper, after it is stuffed, is roasted. The poblano pepper is a mild pepper. You can use a jalapeno or pasilla pepper. When people began making this dish, it was commonly known as a pepper that was stuffed with meat that was minced. The pepper was then coated with eggs and rolled in breading. Today, the pepper is often stuffed with cheese and melted. Any kind of queso cheese works fabulously with the dish. It can also be stuffed with picadillo meat. This is a meat made of pork that has been diced, raisins and nuts. After the pepper has been breaded, it is fried to a golden brown so that it has a nice crust on the outside. Many people in the United States prepare this dish with cheddar cheese or Monterey Jack in the middle.

The Zia Diner, a Santa Fe restaurant considered a dining instituion, has a chile relleno on its menu.  For those looking to eat this classic dish in Santa Fe the best place is the Zia Diner.