The History of Happy Hour – Two for One Nirvana | Zia Diner is Happy Hour Central in Santa Fe, NM, Offering it Twice a Day

3 o’clock on Thursday and you can’t wait for the workday to be over. Soon you’ll loosen your tie, take off your jacket, and relax with old and maybe some new friends too. It’ll be happy hour soon and you can almost feel the cold one in your hands. People all over the world have are having that same feeling right now; people everywhere from Canada to India partake in this little after work delight. You probably never thought about how happy hour started, not when you throwing back your favorite brew, but it’s an interesting story.

The term happy hour more than likely originated aboard United States Naval ships in the 1920s. Happy hour was a slang term used to describe the time sailors had to let off a little steam, which they used to engage in amateur boxing and wrestling matches aboard the ship.

Speakeasies took the term to another level. When alcohol consumption was banned during Prohibition, illegal gathering spots known as speakeasies cropped up. They held cocktail hours, or happy hours as they were known in some circles, and served the alcohol people wouldn’t be able to order later at dinner.

Civilians picked up the term in 1959 after it was used an article about military life in the Saturday Evening Post.

Happy hour has been around for a long time.

So, now you know a little happy hour trivia to share with your friends. And you didn’t have to break the law to find out.