The History of Meatloaf: The Good, The Great and The Amazing | Zia Diner Serves an Amazing Meatloaf

Meatloaf – It’s a Classic Dish That Keeps on Giving, Especially at the Zia Diner

Whether you just ate meatloaf last night for dinner or you’re really craving a slice right now, you’re intrigued to know where this delicious food came from. Enhanced with all sorts of extra ingredients, meatloaf has pleased the mouths of many for at least hundreds of years. However, as you try to find out exactly where this phenomenon started, you’ll see that contradicting points of view exist.

Some claim that meatloaf was made more pronounced in the later part of the 19th century while others will say that it has been around since well before Columbus set foot in America. While pinpointing the exact time and place when meatloaf came into fruition is probably an impossible inquiry, it seems fairly clear that this delicious food did not come from the United States.

Others will argue that the origins of meatloaf are difficult to note because people don’t follow just one recipe for it. This point is one of meatloaf’s true wonders, not something to argue over. Some people slice up tons of garlic and onions for their meatloaf, and others love to use ketchup and brown sugar to give it that extra special flair. Whatever your secret ingredient is for meatloaf, boast it proudly at the next family gathering.