The History of San Miguel Mission in Santa Fe, NM

Exploring San Miguel Mission in Santa Fe The oldest church Santa Fe has to display is the historic and uniquely-designed San Miguel Mission church. This quaint chapel is distinctly reminiscent of a traditional Spanish design that offers a glimpse into old-world architecture and steadfast construction.

The History of San Miguel Mission in Santa Fe, NM

Not only is the San Miguel Mission the oldest church Santa Fe can boast about, it is also heralded as the oldest standing church in the entire nation. Historians believe this church to be built between the years of 1610 and 1626. Almost 100 years later, it was reconstructed in 1710 after it was damaged during the Pueblo Revolt.

Explore the Oldest Church in the Nation

Visitors to the Santa Fe area often find this historical church a touching and mesmerizing landmark to visit. Nationally credited as an official U.S. National Historic Landmark, this adobe-covered mission church represents the rich heritage of the Southwestern portion of the country. A beautiful white cross is situated majestically at the top of the front side of the building while an ancient rectangular window invites in the warm light from the New Mexico sun.

The unique design of the chapel and its layered, vertical design and open window at the top is distinctly reflective of the traditional culture of this area.