The Oldest House in America Might Just Be In Santa Fe, NM – Just 1 Mile from the Zia Diner

The oldest house in America

215 East De Vargas Street, Santa Fe, NM may sound like an unassuming address, but it is in fact the site of what may be the oldest house in the United States. Not far from downtown and the capital building, this building rests on the foundation of a pueblo that was built by a Tano-speaking nation over 800 years ago. They occupied it for more than 200 years before heading south to seek more resources. The building was still standing when the Spanish arrived in the region in 1598, and when Santa Fe was established in 1608. The house as it is known today was finished in 1646.

The Spaniards were accompanied by Tlaxcala warriors, who found that the area was perfect for settlement, and established El Barrio De Analco. This house, already considered to be the oldest, managed to survive the Great Pueblo Rebellion of the early 1690s, even as the rest of El Barrio De Analco was mostly burned, and its inhabitants killed. For a time in the early 1700s, it was used temporarily as the Governor’s home, while his actual home was under repair. This house would be continually occupied by Apaches, Navajos, and descendants of the original Spanish settlers all the way up to the 1920s, when it was finally declared protected. Today it serves as a museum for the public to enjoy.