The Santa Fe Economy – Tourism, Historical Things To See, And City, State, County, And Federal Government

As New Mexico’s capital, Santa Fe’s successful economy is greatly dependent on government. City, county and state departments reside in this warm city, allowing residents to benefit financially from a strong economy.

The riches don’t stop at the government’s bottom steps. Santa Fe and its surrounding land encompass many historical sites, including the Bataan Memorial Military Museum and Library. This museum centers on World War II and the battles in and around the Philippines.
Visit nearby Native American ruins and gaze upon the petroglyphs written hundreds of years ago. Take a drive to the city’s outskirts and look up at the stars. With a dark night sky, Santa Fe is a perfect location to look at shooting stars and constellations.
Downtown Santa Fe has incredible architecture housing various boutiques and storefronts. Enjoy a stroll down the street as you taste the local cuisine as well. Being a desert community, summer is usually the off-season for tourism. For cooler accommodations, visit Santa Fe in the spring or fall. Natural trails are easier to traverse, along with biking areas. Experience the desert in full bloom as you bike near spring-flowering cacti that use the mild weather to form huge blossoms for reproduction. Come to Santa Fe to relish in southwestern cuisine and meet friendly people. Relax in this unique city and refresh you mind.