Things to do in Santa Fe – The Plaza


Santa Fe was settled by Spaniards back in the late 1500’s. The focal point of the town was the Plaza, which is located at the corner of Lincoln and E. Palace Avenue in downtown Santa Fe. These days the Plaza is the city’s meeting place for events like the Fourth of July Pancakes on the Plaza, the annual Santa Fe Band Stand featuring live music during the week for 7 straight weeks and the historic Santa Fe Fiestas’ celebrating the Spanish re-conquest of Santa Fe in the early 1600’s.

Around the Plaza visitors will find the historic Palace of the Governors, which was the Spain’s government building when they occupied Santa Fe, several museums, tons of restaurants, shops, and galleries, plus the St Francis Cathedral, the catholic cathedral at the end of San Francisco St. that was built in the 1860’s.

All in all, the Plaza in Santa Fe, NM, is the starting point for adventures, great food, history lessons and great accommodations in this historic city.