Zia Diner and Photography By Solaria Team Up to Bring New Zia Diner Menu Pics to www.ZiaDiner.com

Photography by Solaria, a professional photographer based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, that specializes among many types of photography in product photography, and Zia Diner, a popular dining landmark in Santa Fe, New Mexico have come together to bring a new set of photos for their customers to see the restaurant menu in the format of photo galleries for each menu including breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The Zia Diner is very excited about the prospect of showcasing the entire company menu as three separate photo galleries so their clients can really see what the company has to offer on the restaurant menu in addition to the written menu already on the company’s website.

Angela, the owner of Photography of Solaria, is an excellent photographer that knows her way around a product photography shoot.  All the different dishes that were photographed are going to be quite a triumph for both Photography by Solaria and Zia Diner due to the fact that both company’s are giving themselves the opportunity to showcase their products and enjoy the fact that both parties are very good at what they do, which is photograph products and make amazingly beautiful delicious food.  For both outfits it is a match made in food and photography heaven.