Zia Diner Articles Oct. 2014

Information about Santa Fe, NM and about the Zia Diner is abundant. The company’s Articles web page provides tons of great information about Santa Fe like places to go and famous historic locations in town.  Featured below are some of those articles from Zia Diner ‘Articles’ page:

Music Makes Your Heart Sing – The Zia Diner April 2014 Calendar

Offering music to customers for entertainment and for reason to come to a place to eat or drink or both is nothing new. Businesses have been offering music at establishments probably since the people to serve food and include music for price as in charge for it. At Zia Diner serving food and including music is not new either, but what is new is the number of entertainers coming to sing and play each month. April of 2014 is no different with 13 different evenings set up with music of all types available. On two different Saturdays Zia Diner is bringing in Anthony Leon, a local rocker, for one of them, and the Lisa Carman Band, a local band featuring Americana music and some pop music originals. Mr. Leon is playing on April 19, 2014 and the Lisa Carman Band is laying on April 12, 2014. Both performers are playing from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.. Each Tuesday the Zia Diner is serving up its traditional Zia Diner Bluegrass Jam, from 6 – 8 p.m.. On two Wednesdays the Zia Diner is bringing local rocker Gary Gorence to the stage with the performance set from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday April 9, 2014 and Wednesday April 23, 2014. On two Thursdays the Zia Diner is bringing local gypsy jazz band Swing Soleil to the stage with performances set from 6:30 to 8:30 on Thursday April 10, 2014 and Thursday April 24, 2014.  On two other Thursdays the Zia Diner is bringing local vintage string jazz band Trio Bijou to the stage from 6:30 – 8:30 on Thursday April 3, 2014 and Thursday April 13, 2014.

PDF’ing the Zia Diner Restaurant Menu for Its Website – It is Cool Thing

Restaurant menu’s are constantly being updated in most restaurants. Items are being added because the chef or the owner comes up with a new recipe or wants to add an item that is perfect for specific time of year and items are being take off, because the ingredients are hard to find or the menu item has been on the menu for long time and it’s the right time to take it off. Either way the menu at most restaurants is not static, but it’s dynamic. That is the case for the Zia Diner. The company updates menu quite often and because of this it means that the menu’s being handed out to customers have to be updated and so does the company’s online website menu.  These days a file such as Word document is set up in a restaurant’s computer that is used for the company’s menu. When changes are made to the menu it’s an easy process to take off discontinued menu items and add new ones. Once the updates are made it’s an easy process to print a complete set for the restaurants menu holders, swap out the old menu pages with the new pages and then it’s done. The website for the company is set up online and needs to be update as well when a menu change happens.  The company made the move to  set up a menu page on the company’s website menu www.ziadiner.com, with PDF’s of the new menu pages instead of constantly updating the company’s website pages. Doing this allows the company to remove the old PDF’ menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner and add the new PDF’s of the company’s menus. Setting the company’s menu up this way gives the company the ability to make easy changes to the paper menu and the online menu just by updating the Word document and printing it for customer handheld menus and converting it to a PDF format and uploading it the company’s website. It is easy as pie to do it this way and it eliminates mistakes in the online menu. All things considered doing it this way is much, much better.

Carne Adovada – A Red Chile New Mexico Classic Dish

Carne Adovada is a type of stew that is common in New Mexico. The term adovada is based on a Mexican cooking term adobada, meaning to cook in chile sauce with aromatics and vinegar.
Carne Adovada consists of pork in a ground dried chile sauce. The pork is chopped or cubed and simmered into the stew. The dish is strikingly red due to the amount of chile powder in the stew, but New Mexican red chiles are not that spicy. The chile sauce may also contain a small amount of garlic, cumin or other spices. Carne Adovada can be served in several ways; sometimes it is eaten as a soup, while at other times it may be served as part of a burrito, taco or enchilada. It tends to be more warming than spicy.
In New Mexico, Carne Adovada is common on breakfast menus, but works as a wonderful meal throughout the day. The time to prepare Carne Adovada can range from a few hours to days; the latter takes time to properly marinate the dish. It is known as a ranch house-type food; it can be cooked continually on the stove until visitors come and want to eat it.


The History of Happy Hour – Two for One Nirvana

3 o’clock on Thursday and you can’t wait for the workday to be over. Soon you’ll loosen your tie, take off your jacket, and relax with old and maybe some new friends too. It’ll be happy hour soon and you can almost feel the cold one in your hands. People all over the world have are having that same feeling right now; people everywhere from Canada to India partake in this little after work delight. You probably never thought about how happy hour started, not when you throwing back your favorite brew, but it’s an interesting story.

The term happy hour more than likely originated aboard United States Naval ships in the 1920s. Happy hour was a slang term used to describe the time sailors had to let off a little steam, which they used to engage in amateur boxing and wrestling matches aboard the ship.

Speakeasies took the term to another level. When alcohol consumption was banned during Prohibition, illegal gathering spots known as speakeasies cropped up. They held cocktail hours, or happy hours as they were known in some circles, and served the alcohol people wouldn’t be able to order later at dinner.

Civilians picked up the term in 1959 after it was used an article about military life in the Saturday Evening Post.

Happy hour has been around for a long time.

So, now you know a little happy hour trivia to share with your friends. And you didn’t have to break the law to find out.