Zia Diner Bluegrass Jam – 6-8 p.m. Tuesday May 21, 2013 – Everyone’s Invited

Event Calendar Santa Fe- The Zia Diner Bluegrass Jam

We love our weekly Tuesday Zia Diner Bluegrass Jam. There, we said it. Great musicians, great customers, great vibe, so what’s not to love.  The beauty about it is that it’s a different evening each time.  The group that comes in to play is somewhat different each time and the songs that get played are different each time as well.

Bluegrass music, like different types of jazz music, involves different musicians taking turns playing a melody with their instrument and altering the tune around it, all the while the other musicians play to support the lead musicians melody. Old-time music involves the musicians playing the song together quite often. Bluegrass music jams quite often involve playing breakdowns, where there are fast tempos, amazing instrument playing fluidity and on occasion chord changes that are incredibly complicated