Zia Diner Building – A Very Cool Building, Once Warehoused Coal and Was Used as an Auto Body Shop

When a business location like the Zia Diner happens to be in place once used for railroad coal and that has been in existence in three different centuries, the 1800’s, the 1900’s and the 2000’s, it is fortunate in many different ways. For one, the building harkens back to the days before cars existed, when horse, railroad, wagon and foot were the sole source of transportation. For two, it has a built in natural charm because the look and feel the building gives off because of all its history, its appearance and because it has a really cool plaque affixed to the front of the building attesting to the fact that it is on the National Register of Historic Places.


Some 92 years ago the building was remodeled with a California Mission Revival curvilinear façade.


The inside was remodeled in 1986 and the Zia Diner was opened at the last day of 1986. Both old and new aspects of the building are visible inside the restaurant. The new includes a very well done deco and the old can be seen by looking above at the 120 year old beams, roof and duct work in the ceiling. The exterior from early days is still there giving the building an extra flair most places do not.