Zia Diner Chicken Fried Steak — Its Ground Steak Prepared and Fried Up Fried Chicken Style

Chicken Friedsteak is a comfort food favorite in pretty much every city across the country. For some chicken fried steak makes no sense because it’s not chicken and for sure it’s not steak so to them, what is it exactly. It’s an All-American fried delicacy that makes the down home cooking phrase down home.

A chicken fried steak is a ground beef patty dipped in batter that is normally for fried chicken that is then deep fried to perfection. It’s a very basic dish that’s simple to prepare that includes meat, seasoning, oil, bread, a frying pan or a deep fat fryer. Once the meat has been made into a large patty and had the coating of bread and seasoning applied it is then fried until it’s cooked to a crispy brown. In a fry pan it has to be turned over to cook it the right way
and so it doesn’t burn. When it’s cooking in a deep fat fryer it’s cooked with no attention required until it’s done.

In some instances a standard cut of steak is the “steak”, but normally diners will not see a premium piece of steak used for a down home chicken fried steak meal. Bear in mind that when ground beef is used the oil from frying, the seasoning and the chicken fried steak breading give the flavor in this classic comfort food dish. The ground steak is mostly the calorie and protein supplier with some flavor from the meat along for the ride. By cooking the ground beef in oil it comes out tender and easier to chew than a patty cooked on an outdoor grill. Replacing ground steak with a prime cut solid of beef isn’t required, as cheaper cut will work if it’s not too thick.

Chicken fried steak, like the one offered up at the Zia Diner, is made up of breading and some amazing spices and seasoning that is one of the best secrets of the restaurant. The bottom line is that minus the seasoning the dish would be a boring piece of ground steak with breading fried in oil. With the Zia Diner
special spices and seasoning ingredients the chicken fried dish is one that diners might just write home about because it is really good.  At the Zia Diner the chicken fried steak comes with mashed potatoes and a vegetable.