Zia Diner Salmon Quesadilla – It’s Tortilla + Cheese + Amazing Smoked Salmon Melt in Your Mouth Time!

The Zia Diner Smoked Quesadilla - It's a Zia Diner Menu Dish Classic!

The quesadilla, what’s not to love America? It has basic ingredients of cheese, tortilla, and it’s a grilled cheese tortilla, or really a grilled cheese sandwich with  two tortillas instead of  two pieces of bread. Kids order them like adults order a good steak, they are easy to prepare and they are a great way to provide a simple fast meal with little fuss. Restaurants in Santa Fe and everywhere else for that matter offer this tasty treat all the time. Its great for an appetizer menu item and really great for the kids menu. It is also a great dish to prepare and eat at home.

At the Zia Diner our specialty is the Smoked Salmon Quesadilla with avocado, shallot, asadero cheese and we have a  Breakfast Quesadilla that comes fixed with scrambled eggs, asadero cheese and green chile grilled between two flour tortillas with apple wood smoked bacon, ham or sausage.

Making a quesadilla requires some basic steps that are easy to follow and the ensuing result is, it’s eating time! Start with tortillas, which a minimum of two is required to make it work. The tortillas can be corn, blue corn, multi-grain or plain white flour. Next requirement is a large frying grill, such as one found at a restaurant, or a large fry pan that has enough space to flip the
quesadilla where the delicious ingredients don’t fall out. After that butter needs to be added to outside of each tortilla. From there place the first buttered tortilla on the grill/skillet, add the ingredients that have been chosen to fill the quesadilla, then place the second tortilla buttered side up on top of the filling. Brown the bottom half tortilla then take a spatula,  slideit underneath, place a hand lightly on the top tortilla to hold the dish together and flip it to the other side to brown the other half. If some
ingredients are lost in the flip process quickly open the quesadilla and put the lost filling back in then place the un-browned side back on the fryer/skillet. Brown the second side, then take the quesadilla and place it on a plate.

Shredded cheeses and cheeses that melt easily for a quesadilla to consider are asadero, cheddar, including white and yellow, brie, Monterey Jack, pepper Jack or Mexican blend cheddar cheese. The key is to use cheese that will melt without having to use too much heat where the tortillas get burned. Added ingredients to think about using are sliced apples, sliced pears, beans, salsa, chicken, steak, ham, sausage, refried beans, plain pinto beans, black beans, fried onions or diced up pineapple. When the
quesadilla is done place it on cutting board, cut it into pieces, either square or pizza slice style, add garnish ingredients like sour cream, salsa, guacamole, or even different types of fruit spreads like orange marmalade, strawberry jam or grape jam. Once everything is in place including the cooked quesadilla and garnish at table it is eating time. Enjoy!