Zia Diner Serves Up the Free Range Ramblers 4-18-2013, an Santa Fe Event Calendar Exclusive

Free Range Ramblers – The name of the band exudes music that is fun, upbeat, loose and exciting. This band makes music a joyous event with great harmonies, great music, great songs and amazing musicianship. If you’re thinking, “What’s on the Santa Fe event calendar scene the week of the 4-14-2013 to 4-20-2013 that we might like?”, the night of the 18th of April is a dead lock on choices with the Free Range Ramblers hitting the stage at the Zia Diner from 6 – 8:30 p.m Thursday.  When this band hits the stage in Santa Fe, NM, whether it is the Santa Fe Band Stand in the summer or at all the other local music venues it is always, always a good, good time.  The band features an amazing group of musicians that can play, sing and harmonize so well when the band is playing it always puts a smile on the face of all the audience members in attendance.