Zozobra™ —Burning of Old Man Gloom in Santa Fe, NM

Zozobra™ is presented annually by the Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe as a sizzling and exhilarating kick-off to the yearly Fiestas de Santa Fe, following Labor Day.
At sunset on Friday evening, the well-liked Zozobra™ experience is held at Fort Mercy Park. This is the yearly ritual of the scorching of Old Man Gloom. Zozobra™, the muse of artist Will Shuster, was announced as part of the Fiesta occasions in 1926.
Old Man Gloom initially acted as a six-foot puppet; nonetheless the Zozobra™ form has developed to be over 50 feet tall. Built with muslin and filled with tattered paper, Zozobra™ is an unnerving, moaning, thrashing oddity. He looks to be part-apparition and part-beast.
Amongst firecrackers and the traditional dances of ghouls and flames, Zozobra™ is set blazing by torches. As Old Man Gloom smolders, it is thought that with him leave the airs of despair and doom from the previous year. The resonance of the moaning Zozobra can be overheard through the town.
The Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe became formally encompassed with Zozobra™ in 1963. Will Shuster allotted all privileges to the Kiwanis Club on June 19, 1964. Currently, they hold the complete patent and logo to the form. As a chief yearly campaigner, Zozobra™ has developed into an entertaining method for the residents of Santa Fe, and tourists, to partake in public service. Since 1952, Zozobra™ has obtained over $300,000, which the Santa Fe Downtown Kiwanis Foundation has expended to offer college scholarships, subsidize indigenous youth tasks, and offer camp charges for physically-handicapped children.